Rain Water Collection


  • Rainwater falls on the roof, and is transported via the roof and gutter system to the tanks.
  • The rain tanks will be used to catch rainwater from your homes down spouts.
  • The tanks can be large or small, and will be buried underground.
  • We will install pumps and underground piping from the rain tanks near your house.
  • Once the pump is hooked up, then will tie into the control panel. This will allow each valve to open while the pump is on, and then pumping water from the tank to the irrigation system.
  • To ensure the water storage tank has enough capacity and will keep your system running we can install a
  • Diverter will stop the pump and provide city water directly to the irrigation system


  • Eco-Friendly way to keep water on hand for irrigation system
  • Rainwater is essentially FREE; once the capital cost of the collection system infrastructure is paid for, you will harvest free water.
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces your municipal water consumption and thus your water bill.
  • Rainwater is the best water source for landscape irrigation due to the lack of chlorine and other treatment chemicals.