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“Service after the Sale”

We are very confident in our workmanship and the quality of the products that we use for all our installs.
Most of the products that we use carries a five year manufacturer’s warranty.
We use FDA approved PVC pipe, which is 10 times stronger than usual PVC.
Our workmanship Warranty is normally for 1 season, depending on the project and size of system.

Your lawn and turf areas are the most important areas to be considered when deciding upon a sprinkler system design. The lawn is the first to brown or diminish in visual quality, therefore the most irrigation emphasis is placed on the lawn. A typical lawn sprinkler layout is designed to cover 100% of the lawn areas with exactly the amount of water that your type of lawn requires.

The Smart Controller is engineered to save valuable time, money, and water, the system waters only when the landscape requires it. And you save 30-70 percent in water.

WATER METERS: Install a Second Municipal Water Meter and Save! Many towns offer a reduced rate for the sprinkler system water usage, on this separate system.

We have quality versatile equipment allowing us to offer full service for your landscape projects. We can drill under walkways, trench, level, rototill, & move materials. We are prepared for quality service from start to finish.
We install sprinkler systems without damage to your lawn. The irrigation tractor pulls pipe underground, leaving only a narrow incision, that disappears in days!
Whether it be the flowers in the plant boxes under your bay windows, or the potted plants along the front walkway, Trinity Inc., can design a drip system so efficient that it only uses 2 or 3 gallons per hour, still providing your precious plants with the water they need to thrive.
Trinity Inc. can even route the micro-tubing anywhere necessary making it virtually invisible to the naked eye!Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs need water too.

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